the one you carry ALL THE TIME

your smartphone.

The Smartphone Pro Mobile-Photography Workshop gives you the tools and teaches you step-by-step how to capture, process and share professional-level photos from your smartphone all while in the field or on the go.

In 3 parts, Dax teaches how to shoot photos on your smartphone’s camera app on Pro/Manual Mode, how to correct, process and edit your photos like a pro using a free mobile app, and how to ready your images to share on today’s strongest social media networks. This online workshop is comprised of in-depth lessons that cover everything you need to gain the confidence to take professional-level photos directly from your mobile phone. Each module comes with video lessons, photo assignments, PDF downloads, audio, and in-the-field tutorials to help you work through each part.


Included in the Workshop:

The workshop begins with 4 short videos that will welcome you into the course, introduce you to Dax, give you a short orientation and answers the WHY. Why this workshop? Why Smartphone Photography? Why I'm creating "mobile-first" and why you should too. These videos will form our base context as we lead into the first part of the course:

Part 01: CAPTURE

Part 01 Overview
1.1 – Mobile-Photography Basics
1.2 – Becoming ONE With Your Native Camera App
1.3 – Camera App Shooting Modes
1.4 – Mastering the ‘Pro’ Mode
1.5 – Advanced Shooting Tips

Part 02: PROCESS

Part 02 Overview
2.1 – Mobile-Photography Basics
2.2 – Intro to Photo Processing & Editing
2.3 – Meet: Google Snapseed
2.4 – Editing Modes in Snapseed
2.5 – EDITING: Landscapes & Outdoors Photo Assignment 1
2.6 – EDITING: Objects & Products Photo Assignment 2
2.7 – EDITING: Portraits & People Photo Assignment 3
2.8 – Advanced Editing Tips

Part 03: SHARE

Part 03 Overview
3.1 – Intro to Sharing Photos + Captions on Social Media
3.2 – LEARNING: Instagram
3.3 – LEARNING: Facebook
3.4 – LEARNING: Twitter
3.5 – LEARNING: Linkedin
3.6 – Advanced Social Storytelling + Photography Sharing



LIFETIME access to the course content

You’ll be able to go back through the lessons anytime you like and have access to any future updates to the course materials.

LIFETIME access to the Smartphone Pro ‘Basecamp’ Facebook community

You’ll get instant lifetime access to Dax’s Private Facebook Group, the Smartphone Pro ‘Basecamp’ where you’ll receive one-on-one direct photo critiques from Dax, coaching for photo assignments, feedback and group support. You’ll be joining fellow professionals and people looking to use their advance their mobile-photography skill set to the next level.


all from your mobile device.


“For the first time in history, the lines are being blurred between DLSR Cameras and Mobile Phones. Our handheld devices are now readily-equipped with native camera functions that enable us capture professional photos as if you were using an expensive camera setup. Your photos deserve more than a “filter” or “preset” — I want to teach you how to bring the LIFE out of your photos.”

— Dax Justin, Canadian Explorer & Photographer
Creator of the Smartphone Pro Mobile-Photo Workshop

Meet Your Guide: Dax Justin


Named one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Instagrammers” by Travel Massive, Dax Justin is a Canadian explorer, adventure photographer, artist and speaker. It all started when he began taking photos on his mobile device in 2014; and now his photos consistently achieve wise-spread media coverage across Canada. What people may not realize is that the majority of his photos are produced right from his smartphone while in the field on assignment. This has enabled Dax to reduce the workflow between his camera, laptop and hard drives, and allows him to spend more time capturing + sharing the vitality of the moment while it’s happening. His work has been featured in national and international publications including Canadian Geographic, Explore Magazine, Outside TV, Travel Channel, Matador Network, Hootsuite, The Weather Network and Instagram. With 150,000 connections on social media, Dax has perfected the art of linking people and place through inspirational storytelling and photography.



How will the workshop be available?
The workshop will be available in 3 ways: Online, Live, and Private Workshops.

Is this workshop for anyone or just for outdoor / adventure photographers?
I have created this workshop for anyone with a smartphone who enjoys taking pictures. You will find value in the workshop and sharpen your mobile photography skill set regardless of your current skill level.

Can I use any mobile device?
Sure can! You can take the workshop and learn everything with any model of smartphone. You will require a mobile device that can access an app store to download the free apps we’ll be using through the duration of the workshop.

How long does it take to go through the workshop?
It will take around 4-5 hours to go through the entire workshop online.

Why would I want take awesome photos on a mobile phone?
You will have your smartphone with you all the time, and it makes sense to know how to capture the right moment when it happens. But since I have an unlimited amount of answers for this question I will produce a blog post about it.  🙂

Once purchased, does my access to the workshop ever expire?
Absolutely not! You’re given lifetime access to the workshop lessons online.

What device do you use to shoot photos?
I use a Samsung Galaxy Note8 as my main camera and a Samsung Galaxy S6 as my back-up. I have used other models of phones in the past and they all worked great. I also filmed all the workshop videos + photo content from my Note8.

If I have more questions, who can I contact?
You can send me a note at dax@daxjustin.com and I’ll be happy to help answer your questions.

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